Thursday, September 13, 2012

Animals are human too

When I got home yesterday, was pretty tired. The lack of sleep the previous night was definitely taking it's revenge! So I locked my door (as I always do), got under the blanket, and after some time, drifted into lalaland. Around half nine I heard our dog crying. She was howling, and cried for quite some time. Okay, I know what you're thinking, you;re thinking, why would I let her cry for so long without checking up on her? Well, I was terribly lazy for one, but mostly due to the fact that there were three other people in the house, and I assumed they would attend to her. I did hear my dad saying "What's wrong Toby? She's not going to open the door," and had thought he was referring to my mom, as that would generally be the only person Toby would be crying for. I eventually decided to get out of bed! Not only did I need to get some work done, but I was beginning to feel bad about my poor howling now puppy (I sound horrible, I know!). Upon opening the door, I found her sitting right outside, she got so excited and stopped crying! I was really confused and tried to calm her down and ask her what's wrong (she can sort of tell me in her own canine way). After playing with her for a while, she retired to her bed and seemed content. I guess she was just missing me? I will admit, it felt good being needed, and that she missed me, and just wanted to spend some time with me. I felt special. 

It made me think though, for some people like me, pets are children, they're family. We treat them right. But there are those who treat animals with such cruelty, you begin to question their humanity on a whole. 

I can't stand hearing stories about animal cruelty, it makes me sick to my stomach! And animals taht have been knocked or abused, it hurts too much to look at. Even when we're in the car driving, or if we're taking a walk, and pass strays, it really breaks my heart. 

If you witness, or have any knowledge of animal cruelty, please contact your authorities, or the SPCA nearest to you ( These animals cannot speak for themselves, but you can speak on their behalf.

And if you do have a pet, please make sure they always have fresh food and water, and a proper shelter or bed, and very importantly, make sure they feel loved.

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