Friday, August 31, 2012

Make sure you floss, brush and wash!!!

So I've had a tooth extracted, a route canal, and teeth filled. Tooooo many cavities and not enough flossing! I hate going to the dentist (despite the fact that mine is actually really gentle). When I lie on that chair, and he goes in with a drill, I just close my eyes! The drilling noise is awful! I have been flossing properly (or at least trying, my teeth are pretty cramped and I have a phobia that my teeth might fall off!), and I brush regularly, and Listerine it everyday! And my gums are healing now (it's been two days), but I am making it my DUTY to inform all of you, that preventing cavities and tooth extractions and route canals, would really be in your best interest!

    Some good advice for the day: Find a dentist you are comfortable with, visit them regularly, and 
                                                                                 take care of your teeth!

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