Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Read about a 5 year old autistic boy who was deprived lunch for the day (at school) due to an outstanding bill, which his parents had forgotten to pay. He was sent home with a note, from his teacher, stating that he had to survive on mini muffins the entire day, and that, due to the fact that his parents had not paid the bill. As expected, this poor child's mother was shocked and disgusted! Who deprives a child of food??? That is inhumane, and least expected from someone who works with kids for a living! Understandably, the boys' parents are probably going to transfer him to another school. I wonder what was going through this teachers' mind, how heartless could they have been?!

Lessons in catlife-Guest post by Tami the cat

Meow fellow felines My name is Tami. I am a shorthaired domestic tabby who was abandoned, until the lovely hoomins (aka humans-these are...