Thursday, October 24, 2013

A settled me! (Finally)

Hello breaders! (Breaders: blogger readers- do we like? Yes? No?) It has been too long since my last proper post! So let me update you on the happenings and stuffs :)

1.  I am now a fully registered PhD student at The University of Cape Town! 
 Feels great not to be in limbo anymore :D

2. I have moved into my flat (Yes my very own flat!).
It's a cosy one bedroom, in a lovely complex. I was very worried about not finding the right apartment, finding one in an unsafe area, or not finding one at all (especially with rent in Cape Town being sooo high and me being a student!). I'd been through Gumtree, Locanto, OLX, Private Property, and Property24, and I came up with NOTHING! (Well there were a few scams I posted about, and 2 viewings, one apartment that was not worth R4000 a month, and another that was actually not available, something the agent failed to inform me of prior to me arriving to view it!). I would check these sites EVERY DAY! I eventually decided to give it a rest, and just prayed about it. The right apartment would find me. After a while, I checked again, and BAM! Found one. Awesome agent, awesome apartment (at a reasonable rent), awesome location! It's near campus, near friends, and near gym!

Next step: Furnishing! I Googled up places I could get some furniture from, and found a place called Decofurn. So Reese took me there and we got all the furniture I required at a reasonable price! It was only after I selected these pieces, that I was informed that I would have to assemble everything myself! So we paid for the goodies and they were delivered soon after. So slowly but sure, my empty flat began to get full. Friends helped me move my goodies into the flat and assemble my dining set and couches. And I assembled my bed :) The annoying thing about the assembling process, was the directions that came with each piece of furniture! Took a while to understand each page! We assembled everything except the TV unit (which I planned on using as a coffee table). The directions for this unit were not only confusing, but all the tools had also not been provided! Thank goodness for prepared dads :)

A crucial component of "moving into a place" is the involvement of parents. So my parents drove down  to Cape Town for a weekend :) They went out of their way and got me everything I needed and wanted, and everything they thought I would need. This was my moms first time in Cape Town, and my dad hasn't been here in years! And instead of exploring Cape Town, my loving parents devoted this time to sorting out my flat. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world, I still do :)

3. I have a car!
So my parents drove down in my car and flew back (their first flight!). My car, Skylar green, is the shizz! Love her! :D Still getting used to driving though!

My Skylar Green :)

4. I have adorable munchkins!
You're probably wondering, "What the fudgins are munchkins???" I have two Teddy bear hamsters named Einstein and Newton (And no, that does not qualify me as a nerd!). They're brothers and I absolutely adore them! Being away from loved ones (especially my Toby), is very difficult. It isn't something I'm used to. And I love having pets! They're extended family :) So I got these two babies!

So that's basically it for now :)

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