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Smalls' Corner: Untitled Poem #1

Here in this dream
I have willingly surrendered my heart to you
Let your spirit infuse with mine till
We are one
Even in slumber your name escapes my lips
Careless thoughts wander around you
Ever enchanting is your presence
Your light brightening my world

But that plague of darkness will always find me
Reminding me that we could never be
Entwined, we are thrust apart
I watch you falling away

Out of reach, out of sight
Never out of mind
You are imprisoned in my heart
Countless hours we spent together seem so far

This longing drives me mad
I cannot fathom the thought of never seeing you smile again
Never holding your hand again
Never hearing your engaging voice again

These dreams are
A harsh reminder of what never was
The only place where I could find you
Still full of laughter and love for me

I would lie sleeping forever, sacrifice anything
If it meant I could always see you
But I feel so weak and weary
This pain is surreal

My tears won’t drown you
My mind won’t let me forget you
My heart won’t relinquish you
Tell me, how do I live like this?
Sohana Singh 

Confessions of a broken heart

It may have been wrong
and they say it'll make me strong
they also say time heals all
And that I've fallen as low as one can fall.

But do you care?
Do you bother how I feel?
Was it worth it? Was it good?
Did I satisfy your need?

You wooed, you smiled
you brightened my light.
I rose jubilant
I was content, no idea of my plight.
And then came the fall
so hard, so fast
no net, no you
to catch me at all

I know it won't be easy
I know I won't forget
But I'd rather have a life filled with mistakes
than one filled with regret.
The memories, the feelings,
the time that was spent
for you, true or not?
well...my heart had full intent.

Amelia Dover 

Small's Corner: Untitled Poem #2

Wanted to give you all of me
completely, every part
succumbed to your kind words that broke through my wall
I thought you would look after my heart 
I thought you'd be the one to break my fall.
You broke me down
And you watch me drown
In my own bruised emotions
You made promises you couldn't keep
left a cut so deep
You said I was all you need
now watch me bleed
watch me fall to pieces
as you break me apart
does it hurt you to hurt me?
No, I'm the one left hopeless with pain and confusion
and you're free. 

Sohana Singh

Confessions of a broken heart: Moving on 

Remember the past
re-live the hurt
Licking the wound
dust away the dirt.
The memory, it fades
Yet fails to erase
The heart, still beats
it struggles,
It bleeds.

Amelia Dover 


You picked me up
Then let me down
You watch me fall
In tears I drown
I gave you me
In every form
You took and took
And now I'm torn.
The bit that's left
The spirit's gone
The broken heart
A mind forlorn.

Amelia Dover 

Chirping Heart

Don't  cry my little dove
one day you will find true love,
maybe in a tall oak tree
or in some old flower field.
You just chirp and spread those wings,
don't you worry about a thing,
Your time will come
you'll sing your song
and charm the feathers off someone.

Amelia Dover 


Someone who loves you,
to cry with,
to love.
Someone to hold you
when you've had enough.

No words need be spoken,
no stories be told,
the silence is comforting
your feelings are heard.

Someone to listen
to smile when you're done,
crying or shouting or just being torn.
They tell you, "It's okay"
you're brave and you're strong,
this error has taught you
and shown you the wrong.

They help when you need it,
they help when you don't,
That someone will be there
for better or worse.

Amelia Dover


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