Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The big move finally happens :)

So I have finally moved to Cape Town! Yay! -happy dance- Last night was my first night :) and it was chilled! It kind of feels like I'm on holiday, and while I technically am, I'm also here on business (Phd Business soon!). But before I get into the beginning of my Cape Town adventure, let me go 5 days back!

7 June 2013: Friday

Had a really good catch up session and lunch with a few friends at Tea on 23, a really cute little place that has amazing pavlovas! (and also to say bye-bye for now :( ). Had a yummy supper with the folks and some family  :)

8 June 2013: Saturday

Two of my cousins, Nic and Jo, and I went to the mall to get a few things for my trip! Got a sexy and very comfortable pair of boots and a warm coat (a Winter must-have!) and some other goodies! Watched the Hangover 3 movie (HILARIOUS! You do need to watch the first two movies prior to seeing this one). Nic and Jo stayed over, we watched movies (Well Jo fell asleep!), and Nic and I went to bed at half 3!

9 June 2013: Sunday MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm 24!

Despite sleeping at a very un-Godly hour, we were up by 7 preparing a big scrumptious brunch! My two favourite dudes, Kelvin and Faiaz joined us too :) Later on, some family came over, and while I protested blowing out candles and cutting the cake (chocolate off course! and made by my mommy!), my protests fell on deaf ears! It was a really lovely day!!! :D

10 June 2013: Monday

Left home for Tongaat to fetch my aunt. Saying bye to my puppy Toby was so sad :'(  After, we arrived at the airport, and I checked in, we had something to eat and then it was time to fly! It's the first time I've flown down during the night. Looking down on the city at night, and seeing all the lights was such an experience :) Now let me tell you about this really obnoxious man on the plane! Not only did he not switch his phone off after we were asked too, he was so loud and such an ass! He kept talking about money, and lots of it! People were getting really annoyed with him! Even when we landed.The plane had just stopped, the lights weren't even switched back on yet, and this idiot got up and was getting his luggage out of the overhead compartment, and stepped on the lady behind him, and didn't even apologize. Inconsiderate people like him should not be allowed to use public transport!

So it's my first full day in Cape Town! I haven't left the flat yet haha. I did clean up a bit and will be checking out what's happening nearby :) And any interesting and funny stories will be shared in a post :)  

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