Thursday, May 24, 2012

My motivation poem :)

While going through some of my old goodies, I came across this poem. It was composed by a dear friend on the 12th of August 2006, my matric year. It's a lovely poem and one of those things that I can turn to when I'm feeling down and out, so I thought I would share it with you  :)


In my class there is this girl,
Seems like she's different from the rest of the world.
Her beautiful personality is acknowledged by many guys,
who are left mesmerized by taking one look into her eyes.
Who her heart belongs to, nobody knows
she keeps it a secret and tells only those who are close.
I wonder what goes on in that head,
whose name she's thinking about
which is dying to be said.
I know she loves her pets, but that can't be all,
I know she must want some guy to catch her when she falls.
So the question is,
Who makes her knees go weak?
takes her breath away?
And for whom her heart seeks.
True love for most is just a myth,
But I hope for her that it really exists.
She deserves someone who will treat her right,
Make her feel special and hold her tight.
I sincerely hope the guy she loves does this for her
'Cos that's how you treat the most special girl in the world.
How God can make someone so special, I really don't know,
to make someone so amazing, from head to toe.
In her eyes you could get lost
they're like puppies, beautiful and cute, of course!
It's amazing how some people just have it all
Perfect hair, intelligence, and beauty
just like that of a barbie doll.

by Priven Chowthee

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