Saturday, July 7, 2012

This little piggy went to the bank!

I spent an hour or so at the  

this morning, second weekend in a row, to invest some money (Invest is best!) for my glorious future (so much optimism YAY). 

Next to me, in the queue, was a three year old.

He had come in with both his parents, to open up his first bank account (awww!).
He was so excited, and kept asking when it would be his turn. When that time eventually did come, this little charmer (he really looks like he is going to break A LOT of hearts when he is older!) walked to the teller, holding his moms' hand, and upon reaching the teller, reached into his bag, pulled out a blue, fluffy piggy box

and placed it on the desk. 
 It's great to see that parents are still teaching their kids about saving money from a young age!

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