Saturday, August 11, 2012

Retail Therapy!!!

I went shopping!!! On Woman's Day! It has been a while since I have taken this day off, and I really needed a break from the lab. So off to the mall we went, Lerissa (my sister), Nicole (my cousin) and I. The mall was packed, guess everyone had the same general idea. I needed a few items for my "get fit plan", and it was time I got a new pair of takkies! (I haven't owned one for the last two years! I know, unacceptable!).

So i got a few t-shirts,socks, etc. My most valued purchase however, was this...

My new hooker heels! I LOVE THEM!
(NB. "hooker" is this context is not as it is generally used)
Edgars had a crazy sale, these shoes were R75!!!

My Woman's Day was relaxing and fun!

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