Saturday, August 11, 2012

Science week in schools

I love this! When I was in school, we never really had science week, and we never really had the opportunity to experiment. I was asked to help out my Professors with a science week experiment for some tenth graders at St. Charles School yesterday, and I admit I was initially a little intimidated. I mean I love kids! But I wasn't sure I could actually teach them, or be some sort of teaching authority (if that makes sense). My fears were chased away as soon as we got to the school. Those kids are so adorable, and respectful! I almost stopped dead in my tracks when a little boy moved to the side of the pathway we were both walking on, to let me pass, and said "Hello ma'am." And just seeing them in awe while demonstrating how to use a pH meter, was really something. Being curious kids as they are, they wanted to mix all the solutions just to see what happens, and one little boy mentioned how cool it would be if he added them together and it would blow up!

It was a great day and I really enjoyed spending time with these sweet boys!

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