Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SRC at UKZN: promoting disruption of education

We had the fire alarm go off today, and for once, it was real. Some idiots, including the President of the SRC at UKZN filled CONDOMS with TEARGAS and threw them in a lecture theatre, in the hope of disrupting learning. While we waited outside, we saw five of them running away, five young black males. Protesting is allowed, but should be peaceful! When you start going out of your way to injure other students who are trying to educate themselves, then you really should be asking yourself what the hell you are doing on campus, because you sure as hell have no right to be here!!!

Artwork by Milly- "Farewll Senorita"

About three months ago, I had to say farewell to a good friend of mine. As a parting gift, I painted (or rather attempted to paint a portrai...