Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting over the hurt

How do you feel when you walk passed someone you once knew, someone you once loved? Does it hurt? How did you get over it? Did you get over it? How long did it take? Do you cringe when you hear them, or see them, or when you can smell their scent? Does your heart sink when you see them happy, and definitely over you? Does it break your heart to know they used you, and never cared, that you meant nothing to them all along, that you believed every lie they told you. What's worse? Knowing they didn't care at all and pretended and played you for a fool, or thinking that they did care, but just not enough. Why is it so hard forgetting them? Why is it so hard not giving a damn about them, when they clearly don't give a crap about you? Is it you just being dumb, or is it more than that? Why can't you stop loving someone who never stopped to love you?

Artwork by Milly- "Farewll Senorita"

About three months ago, I had to say farewell to a good friend of mine. As a parting gift, I painted (or rather attempted to paint a portrai...