Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My biochemistry undergrads

I demonstrate a third year module for Biochemistry, and I must say, it isn't easy at times! The fact that it's usually three hours a session, does not help either (I get so hungry!) (Also, that time could be dedicated to my writing and experiments! Wait that should've been reason no. 1). I have met some very interesting characters during my demonstrating times, and they really keep me going!

So! I thought I'd introduce you to some of these very entertaining people! Today's practical involved the isolation of IgY.

These two smart ladies always finish their practicals first (or second)

Carla is from Germany, and Carmen and I share a name :)

These two guys are hilarious!

The lovely Miss Fish and Miss Delport

Full of smiles

Hmm if science doesn't pan out, there's always modelling ;)

McSMiley squared!

He has the cocaine molecule on his lab coat, and judging by those eyes...

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