Monday, September 10, 2012

My genetics nerdies

Every morning, usually at around half 7 when I get to campus, I either go to the lab and begin an experiment (If it needs to be started early), or I go down to say Good morning and get a warm and loving hug from my friend Letrinka (her name is actually Letrisha, but I have a bag of names for her, all in the name of love and friendship of course). I could not, however, keep to this routine, as of Friday, last week, as my Letrinka, as well as a few other dear friends (Smalzy, Marykins, Lee and Mamu (Millicentia-inside joke) have flown down to the beautiful Cape Town for a conference! Yes I have some pretty smart friends ;) They will be back on Friday though (A whole week without them!) 

Hope you guys are having a BLAST!!!

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