Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How happy are you where you are?

Okay so I'm in a lab of four guys (Yup, the only girl!). It's the best ever! These guys are just amazing and keep me going! They are mostly respectful (Mostly), and at other times ... (haha just kiding, they're great!) There are certain individuals that I encounter on an almost daily basis (unfortunately), and this does nothing for me (well nothing good). Overall though, I love the place I work in, and the people that surround me (with exception to...). So how about you? What type of working environment are you in? Do you love working with the people you work with? (Like I do). Or do you feel like killing them? The environment you're in, plays a major role in your mood, and your productivity, so do you feel like you're in the best place you could be, or the worst?

Artwork by Milly- "Farewll Senorita"

About three months ago, I had to say farewell to a good friend of mine. As a parting gift, I painted (or rather attempted to paint a portrai...