Thursday, January 3, 2013

Here's to getting my shit together!

So it's the third day of our brand-spanking New Year! How is yours going? I am currently having breakfast (a date and pecan bar and 473 ml of Monster energy drink-Low sugar of course!), at campus, in my cubicle. This morning, when I woke up at half 5, I felt pretty drained and so over the day (before it even started!), but I think the hot bath sorted that out, so I'm now all bright-eyed  and bushy tailed! :)

The last few weeks have been somewhat ponderous for me. I've met quite a few intriguing individuals. Was feeling a bit down, in and in need of fresh company. So I went on some BBM social apps. There were sooo many to chose from! The Jingu app (weird name) was not very user friendly (or I just suck at using it!). And the Smoothies app wasn't too bad. Loads of people on there! A few actually sweet ones. I went on the apps though, because I felt like I needed a distraction (I mean, I don't exactly have a flourishing social life at the moment, or any time for one!). Something to keep me from thinking about things and people I shouldn't be wasting even a second of my time on!
When people advise you, and try to help by telling you what to do, it's not only really hard to hear, but also seems impossible. One thing I kept hearing from friends was, "Just bury yourself in your work!" Ever noticed how, no matter what anyone tells you, you always have to find out for yourself? Well that's how life is. You can learn from other peoples' mistakes, but not always learn from their experiences. Some things, you have to learn on your own. It's only then that you can fully accept anything. Off course, this does NOT apply to every situation. SO you're probably wondering what the main point of this post was?

Well, after dabbling in temporary distractions and  exciting conversations, I realized I wasn't satisfied. I also realized, that the best thing for me to be doing right now, is to throw myself into my work and nothing else. But I had to see this for myself! And I have. Temporary gratification is NOT what I want! Today is the third (as I've mentioned before). And I like the number three. SO today is a great day to start a resolution. My resolution is to sacrifice the next three months, get my thesis and masters degree out of the way, and sort my life out, before I begin my new journey!

Hope my story inspires at least one of you guys :) Have a great day!

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