Monday, February 11, 2013

Perfect 10 for Pitch Perfect!

Okay so I love musical movies, so it's no surprise that I was dying to watch Pitch Perfect as soon as I saw the trailer! But seriously...

Anna Kendrick and Skylar Astin make an oddly adorable on-screen couple! So cute and quirky the way he does little things to please her! The acting and singing was phenomenal! I loved every scene!!!  Rebel Wilson (love this chick!) and Brittany Snow (so cute!) were also part of the amazing cast! Lovable and relatable characters, lots of laughs, and all round great fun to watch! I sang along while watching, and re-watched scenes! 

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson also starred in "What to expect when you're expecting." These actresses are so far from your average actresses! Their uniqueness just adds to every character they play! Definitely adding them to my "Fave list!"

This movie is a must see! 


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