Thursday, April 25, 2013

Movie Review: The Host

Okay, so I am not a Twilight fan (Please don't kill me!), but Stephanie Meyer's newest production really is a good watch! (Although I should have probably read the book first!).

When I initially heard that the movie was about aliens, I was like "Bleh, whatever!" But of course, my friend Kelvin was going on and on about it, so I caved!

So Earth has been "invaded by aliens." The aliens are a bright white and look like pure E. coli bacteria (for the scientists). These aliens take over a human host and reside within it. They are peaceful, never lie, are always helpful and trusting, and ultimately make Earth a safer and happier place. Enter a resistant human host Melanie, who won't give up without a fight, and convinces her alien "Wanderer" to help her save her 'not yet invaded family' who are on the run and in hiding, due to a constant battle between the aliens and un-invaded human hosts who refuse to let aliens inhabit them (Yes yes I know that is a very long sentence!). I won't give any more away, but it is a really good movie, with an exceptional cast and storyline!

Saoirse Ronan (from The Lovely Bones, plays Melanie and Wanderer), Diane Kruger (the seeker),  Max Irons (Jared), Jake Abel (From The Lightning Thief and Supernatural series plays Ian), and William Hurt (Jeb) are some of the actors that give life to the main characters.

Saoirse Ronan is brilliant! I think she is such an amazing young actress and she portrays her characters really well! She has a very calm and trusting sense about her. And ladies, Max Irons, I must add, is a fine (FIIIIIIINE) young man. Loved the passionate scenes with him! ;) There were moments in the movie where i cried my eyes out, but that could be because I'm just a sensitive sop :)

Go watch this movie! You can read up more about it here --->
or have a look-see at the trailer here --->

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