Wednesday, April 24, 2013

With great power, comes great responsibility!

People in a position of power, have been awarded that position based on their merits, and their ability to handle such power. Or so we would assume. So why is it, that so many people in a superior position abuse that position, and have no regard for the responsibility that came along with it??? Furthermore, how ignorant and unconscious are they, to be able to preach against the very thing they do, and allow to be done, without so much as blinking an eye? Do they not realize the ramifications of their actions? Have they no concern for how our lives are affected by them not doing their job as expected (mind you, the job they get very well paid for!).

So the next time you apply for a job, think about what that involves, and if you can deliver? It may be YOUR job, but others are dependent on your performance, either directly, or indirectly. You could end up  preventing someone from completing a degree, from advancing in life, and you could ultimately be stealing someones happiness! Don't be selfish!!!

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