Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Who needs a groom to plan a wedding?

So this is extremely premature! But just go with it ;)

Some background...

I started a "My Wedding" board on Pinterest a few months ago. Now before you start calling me crazy, let me explain myself. I reckon that by saving ideas I come across now, and by planning at leisure MY BIG DAY, when I actually do get engaged, I won't have to stress about not having time to create my perfect wedding :) I would have collected a million ideas and all I would need to do is decide from there, and enjoy being engaged :)

so I was busy pinning away and looking at wedding boards of other pinners, and I found it! The exact idea I've been thinking of! Okay, I had initially thought about placing polaroid cameras at the centre of each table, for guests to take pictures for me, instead of an actual photographer having to do this (I think I got the idea from some movie). Now while I'm still reserving this idea, I came across the following pin by Poppy magazine...

wedit sends the wedding couple 5 HD cameras in the mail 3 days before the wedding weekend. the couple passes them out to the wedding guests througout the festivities to record & the couple returns cameras to wedit to edit. wedit then edits the footage into an awesome video. you can capture moments from the entire wedding weekend! much more personal :)

How awesome is that??? SO this is another one for the wedding board! :)

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