Thursday, July 25, 2013

The leader 'we' chose...

Another e-mail worth sharing!


How does the song go: it aint funny hes our leader?!

South Africa

-19 years of ANC rule unemployment has gone up by 60% !!

- South Africa is now the rape capital of the world

- After 19 years of ANC rule we have achieved the dubious distinction of being 140th on a world list of 144 countries for our education department.
- We are officially the country where the most hijacks take place

- We are also on the top ten list for the most murders

- In 19 years the rand/dollar has gone from R3.41 to R10.00

- During ANC rule the petrol price has gone from R1.73 to R12.83 per liter

- In 19 years our defense force has gone from being the iron fist of Africa to a laughing stock that can't defend Disneyland from an invasion of fluffy toys

- On the list of most corrupt governments they have given us a special place right at the top

- In 19 years we have ten times more people in squatter camps and 1000% more illegal immigrants

- In 19 years our roads, railways, military, police, municipal services, old age homes, hospitals and orphanages have literally fallen apart and are worth nothing anymore

- No other country on the planet has more convicted criminals in their parliament than us!!

- 25% of all South African school girls are HIV+

- Our school girls had 100 000 abortions last year

- We have one of the highest unemployment rates in the world




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