Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yay for family visits! :)

So I've had cousins and aunts visiting in Cape Town a few weeks ago, and I tell you, it was AWESOME! My cousin dearest arrived a few days earlier that, which meant some crazy time before the "adults" arrived! ;)

Cal Cacchio, very nice place!
So apparently (according to my sister, we looked drunk...we were not...)

Some cool abstract art :)

First visit to Strand Beach :)

This place is absolutely stunning!

Timeless Cafe (Strand Beach)

I decided to go with the cheese toast and salad...

while Nish opted for a healthier brunch...

Pretty blue skies :)
Haha I look like a toasted bug here :)

Aunts and other cousin arrived a few days later :)

First stop: V and A Waterfront :). Made them pose with statues of course ;)

Morning PJ mountain pics :)
Grandwest Casino :) (to say my aunts LOVE the casino, is an understatement!). While they gambled, we ate :D


New friend :)

Chocolate roulage...DIVINE!!!

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