Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Easter vac :)

It's been almost four months since my last post! Some crazy hectic times, but I have finally managed to calm things down a bit (for now at least!). So this blog is officially back on track! :)

I went home for graduation (for my Masters degree in Biochemistry YAY!) and it sort of coincided with Easter, which was great! It meant I would get to spend time with my dad and Toby, and my family and friends.Unfortunately for me, before flying up to KZN at 7 pm, I would have to get through some lab work in the morning, a lecture from 9.30 am to 11.00 am, a lab meeting (at which I had to present my results) at 12.00 pm, and more lab work till about 3.00 pm! And them, finally, I could go to my flat, finish up packing and get to the airport! I hated leaving my Einstein and Newton  here but I would be back in a week, and they were in good hands, thankfully!

Get to Durban at around half 9, and I arrive to a happy daddy :) We had supper at Spur (Dad loves this place!!!) and by the time we ate, and got home (about an hour away from Pietermaritzburg!) it was almost 12.00 am!!! Did I mention my grad was on the next day at 2.30 pm??? And of course, before going to bed, my dad took me around our house for a tour, because he's been cleaning up and sorting out our house (my mom is still in India and sister in California, so he's taking advantage of the fact that there's no one there to disturb the process haha). My room and the entire house looks different, just by the way! My mom and sis are going to freak out!

Grad day: I hate graduations. They're long and boring, and I sit there for three hours (usually) only to get up for about a minute and walk onto a stage to bend down in front of a chancellor to have a degree conferred upon me. And EVERY TIME, I become overly paranoid about tripping over and falling on the stage (EVERY TIME!). To make matters worse, you have to pay a great amount to hire the gown, a very small part of that is returned to you, and you have to wait in queues after to take photographs! But the worst part of it? Yup...NO FOOD!!! Like seriously??? We pay fees, we pay to get the degree, we work really hard to get there, and the can't even provide us with finger snacks!!! Not cool! So why go to grad, you ask? Well, my parents ask me really nicely! I guess it's an accomplishment for them too, and the 3 hour wait hails in comparison to the joy of seeing their child up there? I'll probably be the same when I have a kid I guess...So anyway, this grad was a little different: less friends graduating than my first two grads, less photos taken, rain poured down on us (showers of blessings I take it), and of course, most important, the absence of my mommy and sister!By the way, grad started at 2.30 pm and we only left at around 6.30 pm...

Smalls and I :)

So grad was over, and it was time to get my visiting on! :D I think when you're away from home, you really learn to appreciate your loved ones A LOT more! I got to see most of my family and friends (REALLY NEEDED THIS!). I also went to see a school friend and old family friends I have not seen in years, and when I say their faces lighted up when they saw me, I am not exaggerating! It made me feel so good! Of course the uncle didn't recognize me at first, because the last time he saw me, I was a string-bean teenager, and now I'm three times the size haha, but he eventually figured it out :)

Sussing out Lee's hot chocolate...
Love this fountain!
Smalls :)

Leaving home to get back to the grinder was really tough, but I got back to Cape Town a rejuvenated and more humbled person :)

Some pics (mostly of Toby :) )...

Toby hiding her biscuits from me...
The car room that was once the dining room haha
A seriously cool pot plant holder!
Baby Mihirin :)

Baby Colbs :)

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