Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Visit to Verbier :)

Verbier is a cute village situated in south-western Switerland, and I had the privilige of visiting this scenic wonder last week :)
(The lab I am visiting decided to go here for their yearly lab outing, and lucky me tagged along :D )

The drive from Epalinges was about an hour, and I did get a little car sick, but thankfully our driver was kind enough to take the many bends and winding roads gently.

We stopped for a little break...

 and took a stroll through the village...


 We had such good weather!

The houses are made mostly from wood, and are extremely cosy-looking!

We hiked up the mountain, enjoying the breathtaking views...


and finally made our way to La Marmotte for some well-deserved first-time fondue!

Great weather, good wine, fun company, cheesy fondue...what more could one ask for? :)

 After filling our tummies with a lot of cheesy goodness, we hiked back...

Taking advantage of the amazing background with my new Brazillian friend Rebecca :)

Enjoying the sunshine...

A shelter for hikers...very cool

The hike was really easy, and so well worth it! Just to be able to walk on the mountain and take in the gorgeous views was a great experience! And to see the Swiss Alps covered in snow...left me speechless. One more thing to tick off my checklist :)