Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Heroic Tails Competition- Blake :)

Please vote ( for this hunk of a pup! He needs all the votes he can get :)

"At the age of 2, Blake (4 year old Rotti x GSD) had x-rays done. We found out that he suffered from severe hip dysplasia. On 30 July 2016, while running outside, Blake had torn his ligaments and couldn’t walk. That night he wet himself because he couldn’t get up. I took him to his vet and on 2 August 2016, x-rays were done again. I was advised that 6 of his 8 joints were so bad that it would be kinder to put him to sleep than to endure the numerous surgeries that the surgeons would most probably not even agree to do. I got a second and third opinion stating the same.
I then approached Hilton Veterinary Hospital. He was admitted for the weekend to reduce the wind up pain from the ligament tears. During his stay, I kept in contact with Dr Jeanette Oosthuizen who looked at the video of him bunny hopping and read through the opinions and x-rays. She advised me that she’d instead do the knee surgeries to stabilize his knees so he could walk again.
On the 10th August 2016, the surgeries were done. I was advised that dogs usually drag themselves around the first few days after surgery. But my Blakey was so determined that he had actually walked out of his kennel that next morning, despite both knees being operated on the day before! He’s doing really well so far and is proving his will to live, despite the odds! :)"

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