Thursday, June 7, 2012

All work no play :(

Such a long day! Doing my masters (as enjoyable as it may be sometimes) feels like a job, a very taxing, energy-draining, sometimes pointless job. And when all your hard work frequently seems to be reduced to a small reward (now I'm talking about months of work being reduced to ten little 2 ml tubes), or three days of hard work  produces something you can't exactly use (and at no fault of yours, rather due to some machine), then your faith really does begin to tremble. Getting a degree is no walk in the park, unless that park is filled with monsters trying to prevent you from taking a lovely stroll.

Artwork by Milly- "Farewll Senorita"

About three months ago, I had to say farewell to a good friend of mine. As a parting gift, I painted (or rather attempted to paint a portrai...