Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just call me Maria Sharapova (Not!) (8 August 2012)

So my friend Pariksha and I, had decided to play tennis, and finally put our words into action, on this day! 

Okay we're not professionals (yet!), but we'll get there eventually. For now, all we're focusing on is learning a new game, getting fit, and having fun! It also means we'll get to see each other more regularly! 

Right so I did mention something about an embarrassing moment, in one of my earlier posts...
While enjoying our very amateur game of tennis, I accidentally (of course)hit myself in the face with the racquet...busting my upper lip a little. Yes there was some bleeding, but no crying! (so different from my 13-year old self). 

We also killed 2 tennis balls during our game.

I am looking forward to getting fit, and being able to take my frustrations out on the poor tennis balls regularly!

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