Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kelvin's Birthday braai

Last night was SUCH A BLAST! I have not had so much fun in a looong time! Kelvin had us, and some of his other friends over at his place for a braai, to celebrate his 23rd birthday (which was on Tuesday). A few arrived hours earlier, and just chilled, and played Super Mario (I sorta don't suck tooo much), and had a relaxing time before everyone else arrived. It was a really chilled out evening, with TONS of LAUGHTER! So much so, my cheeks and diaphragm were fudged by the end of the night!


Faiaz engrossed in the game

Lauren and Paris

Peanut and Luan

Lerissa and Faiaz

Birthday boy Kelvipopz

Lerissa, Rob, Wanani

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