Sunday, October 7, 2012

Making your dreams come true

My sister has, for a long time now, been wanting to go overseas and become an au pair. An by this time, next week, we will be on our way to King Shaka airport, to see her off to Johannesburg (OR Thambo airport), so that she can make her way to New York!!! her dreams are finally coming true! She has found a lovely family in California and will be staying with them for a year. Naturally I am a little jealous, but that doesn't even amount to a tenth of the happiness I feel for her! In fact, I'm so excited, you'd swear it was me who was going! She will be staying in New York for a week for orientation at the Hilton Hotel (aren't you jealous now?!) and will thereafter be making her way to her au pair family. I am extremely proud of her, not just because she managed to make her dreams come true, but also because she stuck to her guns, despite protests from various people in her life. It's a lesson to all of us, if you truly want something, and you work hard towards it, you will get it eventually. Just another story to help keep the faith. I am really going to miss her, A LOT! She keeps me up to date on all the stories (family-wise, and celebrity!) and talks my ear off! So that will be something I will definitely miss (Just don't tell her that!). So although  this will be my last week with my little sister for a long time,  I know that she is going to have the time of her life! And that makes me a very happy sister :)

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