Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm surrounded by HYPOCRITES!

I don't understand this. So you say horrible things about your "friend", and he says horrible things about you, but you both still pretend to be the best of buds, attending each others nuptials, and keeping in contact like you actually have a friendship worth being called an actual friendship. And you forget about the people who ACTUALLY care about you! Am I missing something? Maybe you just don't have the balls to be honest about your opinion of them? Anyone care to explain this to me? Don't get me wrong, all friendships have issues, but true friends don't gossip about buds, especially to other friends. I guess I'm so frustrated about this because I viewed this hypocrite in a certain manner, but I now realise I can't trust anything that was said, which is quite sad. So if any of my friends read this, here's a note: Don't lie to me, about anything. Your possibly hurtful truth is way more appreciated than your sugar-coated lies. If you think it's going to hurt my feelings, and you're probably right because you should know me well, just think about how hurt I'll be when I find out you're actually not the friend I assumed you to be. And DON'T lie to me and say you have my back if you don't, I don't need false support. My advice to you all: Re-think and re-evaluate the "friendships" you hold dear to your heart, because it hurts like hell when it's too late and you realise it was all a lie, and you actually mean jack-all to them.

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