Friday, April 5, 2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie review

I have not, in a long time, watched a movie that touched my heart so much, that I bawled my eyes out! This movie is such a beautiful one. It touches on so many issues experienced by young individuals trying to find their place in the world. The storyline was brilliant! I must admit, when I first heard the movie title, I wasn't too impressed. Even knowing Emma Watson was in it, didn't really entice me, probably because it was odd for me to imagine her in something other than Harry Potter! But a few days ago, my friend Kelvin told me I had to watch it. So I got it from him yesterday, and decided to take a break from work. It was a very cold evening, so I made some Milo and got under the blankets, sat back and got ready to be amazed!

In a nutshell, a 15 year old shy boy Charlie (Logan Lerman) with many issues (that unfolds throughout the movie) makes friends. Really odd and quirky, but genuinely good friends (who also have their own hectic issues). It's a touching story and you actually feel his pain and his joy. The movie takes you through these friendships and the some issues involved in the growing up process. And to see Charlies' transformation from a "wallflower" into someone who becomes actively involved in the real world, is just amazing! It is such an honest story and I absolutely loved it! The actors and actresses gave amazing performances. Charlie comes across as a charming and sweet young man who manages to deal with his past issues, and Logan pulled it off really well! I think Sam (Emma) is just so cute and cool, and while it was odd seeing Emma in this role at first, it didn't take long to see why she was cast as Sam! Ezra Miller plays Sam's half brother Patrick. I don't recall seeing him in any other movies, but this guy is just so lovable! Other famous faces include: Dylan McDermott; Kate Walsh; Nina Dobrev; Paul Rudd and Melanie Lynskey (Two and a half Men "Rose").

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