Monday, March 30, 2015

Best way to spend a Sunday!

I follow a lot of animal groups on  FaceBook, as I'm sure many of you animal lovers do. So I recently came across a post by LEAPS, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping, rescuing and housing animals in need (How cool are they???). They asked for volunteers for their adoption day at the Kirstenbosch Craft Market (which is sooo great! Lots of crafty goodies and AMAZING food- Definitely go have a gander if you haven't already, they hold it on the last Sunday of every month). Naturally, I volunteered, and was not disappointed! I met SO many loving furry souls! (It is beyond me how people can harm such amazing creatures!) We got to walk the dogs (and pick up pooop eeew) and show them off a bit, in the hope of some kind people adopting them :)
There was also a petting zoo at the market, with some very cute animals, including a bunny that looks very much like my Pippin! I saw some horses, and for the first time, Llamas!!! How exciting :D Pics below!

Guinea pigs were stealing the carrot and running around the cage!


Damations were there too! :D

Abby and Charlie taking a nap :)

Some rabbits and chickens

Pippins twin!!!

Goats and geese :)

Yummy waffles with Nutella and banana (so healthy! :P )

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