Friday, April 10, 2015

Newton and Einstein move house!

My boys have been residing in their cage for almost  two years now, and while it is a fairly spacious cage, I think they were longing for more run-around space. I've been meaning to get them something bigger, but as with all things I've been meaning to do, it just hasn't happened! SO maybe the universe was trying to send me a message yesterday morning when the tube holding their look-out tower broke (with them sleeping soundly in it). I removed the tower and watched as these two scurried around trying to figure out where their favourite sleeping place had disappeared to! Feeling terrible about them having so little space, I found a pet store near me (The Pet Centre) that is really cool and well priced!  Found a big cage (my sister said it's more like a neighbourhood), and rushed home, eager to show my little munchkins what I had got them!
I must say, I felt like such a good fur-parent, so proud of my purchase. Seeing them run around and enjoy themselves was just priceless!

Even Pippin was a little excited!

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