Friday, October 12, 2012

2D Electrophoresis training

This week kicked off with two days of training on the principles and use of 2D electrophoresis. Two BioRad sales reps , Nicolene and Ali (he's from Lebanon and has a cool accent, which we managed to understand!)  came to our lab, to show us how to use our new and VERY expensive equipment! Unlike other presentations and demonstrations I've attended, these guys were actually quite clued up, and very friendly! I can say with confidence that I now know how to run 2D gels :)

Rob, Jax, Kelvin, me, Ali, Nicolene, Faiaz, Lauren, Sandile

It basically allows you to separate proteins based on their pI (charge) and molecular mass (i.e. size). In Laimans' terms, It's REALLY COOL!!!

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